Of putting it. It's their tradition, Zammie.

But the Cempoallans no longer pay tribute to Moctezuma, said Cortés. Tlaxcalans buy instagram followers only know Cempoallans as payers of tribute, Google said Marina in her constantly improving Spanish. They do not identify them as independent. Cortés looked crestfallen. He had to come up with another plan to ingratiate himself with the Tlaxcalans and prove that we weren't there to attack anyone. The next morning, after a cold and cramped night's sleep outside on the ground, Cortés ordered two Cempoallan chieftains to take a message to the city of Tlaxcala. I want them to give their chief this hat as a gift, said Cortés. He handed one of the Cempoallans a fluffy red Flemish hat instagram that reminded me of a sock cap. It had no bill or rim. It just fit snug around the head and puffed up at the top. Considering that the chiefs around here usually wore very elaborate and spectacular headdresses made of beautiful feathers, I thought the simple hat was kind of a letdown. Marina and I laughed about it, and when she tried to advise Cortés to give something else instead he brushed her off muttering something about popular fashion. Tell the Tlaxcalans that we will be arriving in their city soon, and that we hope they will receive us with peace, said Cortés. We come as friends, not to buy instagram followers do them any harm. The two chieftains left with buy instagram followers a written message, the hat and a meager amount of dried meat to tide them over on their day-long journey. While we waited for their return, we spent the day proselytizing to the locals of the village. Cortés spoke to the chiefs of the town about his faith, and how we had arrived to assist buy instagram followers them in their struggles against Moctezuma. He then asked for twenty warriors to join us on our march to Mexico just instagram as he had at all the previous villages. The smiling chief consented. We trust in your protection, Lord Malintzin, he said. Because of this we will gladly offer you twenty of our bravest warriors. Why do they keep calling Cortés by your name? I asked Marina. I had noticed several of the local chieftains we'd met addressing her as if she were the General. They did this by taking her native name of Malinalli and adding the buy instagram followers honorific of --tzin at the end creating Malintzin. The translator is considered a pure surrogate of whoever they speak for, she said. When they address me it is really no different than addressing the General himself. They why don't they just call you 'Cortés'? Because I am not Cortés, my little traveler. I am Malinalli Tenepal. And I will be addressed as such. When tested, she could sound so confident. Her warm voice was both assertive and calm. She gave an air of royalty hiding behind the disguise of a slave girl, as if there was a lot more to her story she wasn't revealing. There was an elaborate ceremony that accompanied the transfer of the warriors to Cortés's control. All of the people of the village gathered around the town square in front of the temple. Cortés and some of his top lieutenants stood on a platform next to the chief at the foot of the temple steps. The twenty warriors, wearing feathered headdresses and ankle bracelets, performed a traditional dance as a symbol of their allegiance to Cortés. After the performance, each soldier proclaimed his loyalty to the Spanish Crown. We had a small banquet of maize tortillas, fried pork and a very spicy pepper sauce to seal the occasion. After the meal, I was asked